Color in Design


Sometimes when deciding on which color to use in your websites, magazines, business cards e.t.c It might not be an easy task. If you are one of those sometimes have trouble on which color to use for a project, thanks God!! some people have made the way of deciding on which color to use a bit easy for you.

The following are some of the links to various articles about color  in designing:

The Code Side Of Color

This is an article by Ben Gremillion from Smash Magazine. Ben, explains to you how computers name colors by using a hexadecimal code. That is, a color code that uses combinations of exactly six characters made from ten numerals and six letters — preceded by a hash mark.

Hexadecimal Code

He makes it easier for you and breaks down the hexadecimal into manageable bytes in reference to red, green and blue, which are called as the Primary Colours(hue). These are the colors “that can not be formed by mixing others colors”, but “they are used to form other colors when they are mixed together.”

Read more about Ben’s article here

Infographic about the power of blue color in Web design

This infographic by template monster breaks it all for you!! Shows you which sites uses blue color( for Inspirational), blue color as one of the “fantastic 3″(Primary Colours(hue)), effects of blue cocktails and usage of blue colour(In branding). Read more here.